Sunday, February 8, 2015

Goalies, I need your help and I'd appreciate your assistance. 

The book I am currently writing will have some stories on coaches working with their goalies, good, bad and ugly. 

So please participate and help me out, you might just find your stories in the book! If we use your story, we will contact you to discuss and possibly get additional information. 

In the comments below, please provide a brief story telling us about any or all of the items below:

1. The best experience you have had a with a coach

2. The oddest thing or worst advice a coach has asked you to to change with your game, stance, technique, etc.

3. The thing a coach has said to you concerning your goaltending, that bothered (or bothers) you most and what the result was. (you quit the team, stopped playing altogether, got in an argument, etc.)

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