Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lateral Movement From Butterfly - One of the More Difficult Moves To Learn

This is a good explanation of how to execute this very difficult move for younger goalies to learn. The key is in the skate plant and weight transfer. 

There are some common mistakes and elements of the instruction that are lacking and will help in the teaching. 

The goalie must point the skate FORWARD, many goalies turn the skate to point left or right, which cases 'slip out'. 

It is also important to note that the push skate will almost never be as far inward as the initial stationary position shown in the video, but this is the initial teaching point where you want the goaltender to begin learning from. A simple instruction is "place the skate where your knee was." 

Having the goaltender assume the 'loaded' position and then stand up, will reinforce the correct loaded position and help them understand why it is so important to position the skate properly. With younger goalies, I suggest this technique be repeated several times before the butterfly push is attempted and again when the goaltender inevitably starts to slip out as they lose skate position. 

The other issue that commonly occurs is when the goalie leans into the direction they will be travelling, which takes pressure off the push skate and causes loss of 'bite into the ice, resulting in a loss of power and/or speed. The skate also often slips out when the weight is transferred too soon or the goaltender leans forward as you will see at 1:38 of the video. 

Source: Goalrobber - Presenter not named

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