Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Vaughn Goalie Skates REVIEW

I received my new Vaughn GX1 goal skates about 2 months ago and I am thrilled to say "I LOVE THEM". 

A little background, I have 'bad feet'. I have worn the same Bauer 5000's for a very long time now. This is because everything else kills my feet. I have had several new models and have not been able to wear anything because they just did not fit, so the old 5000's keep coming back out.

The new Vaughn's felt great right out of the box, no heating, just wore them. The only issue was the higher heel collar,, caused a blister above my ankle bone, so I had to deal with that, but he actual boot was comfortable from the first skate in them - which was 4 hours!

All skates will offer protection, but these are incredibly lightweight, the cowling works well with my Velocity pads and the wider lace system feels great. But the big factor in buying a goalie skate is always comfort and these have it hands down.

Anyone wants to ask me anything specific I am happy to answer.

Just to keep everything in the open, Vaughn is a sponsor of our Goalie Schools, however I would never allow that to influence my comments. My track record will prove that, but it's best to keep everything up front.

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