Friday, December 19, 2014

How To Play Angles and Fill The Net Efficiently

An excellent graphic explantation of squareness, depth control, movement, and angles. 

The circle movement and comparison to the crease are superb in helping goalies and coaches to understand minimal movement is required to be efficient. 

Every coach and goalie can understand this short video and learn from it. 

A word of caution to younger goalies: The high glove position of the goalie in the video is a style choice to be made as you develop your mature and develop, but you can clearly see it leaves a lot of open net, unnecessarily. I would suggest all younger goalies, NOT adopt this hand position until proficient in net coverage with a fully developed understanding of your own spatial environment. 

Source: Bill Ladd - This is an instructional video to help teach the concepts of positioning and angles to ice hockey goalies. In the video I use several excerpts from multiple sources, including Zach Sikich's terrific DVD series: ProHybrid Training.

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